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Animation Mentor

I recently took an Advanced Body Mechanics through Animation Mentor. What I ended up with was this sequence. The first shot was featured on the Animation Mentor facebook page which was quite an honor considering the amount of quality work that the students at the school output. Check it out below. an03_sequence from Dan Augsburger […]

Hypertension CDC

This is a spot I helped out on during the summer. I was responsible for the set modeling and animation at the end of the spot.

Demo Reel

This is my latest demo reel including some progress on my thesis film “Madcow.”

Badcock Walk

Chattering Teeth

teeth animation from Dan Augsburger on Vimeo. The objective was to match a CG object to a Live Action object. Through this process I had to set up a camera, light rig, shadows, and reflections to try to make this object seem convincingly real. Through this process I have learned a few ways in which […]

Facial Rigging

The latest deformation test for the short “The Boatman’s Ghost.”


Apple from Dan Augsburger on Vimeo. Apple is a stop-motion animation of an apple falling from a tree.


The one pill you’ll ever need, The one video to prove it!